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So I decided it might be interesting to put together the artwork I’ve done of Colin Morgan’s face (including only a few of my sketches) and, well… I suppose the first step is admitting I have a problem, eh? Other than displaying how inconsistent diverse my style is, this really shows how ridiculously obsessed I am! 

This is pretty much chronological - newest to oldest, from top to bottom. I can’t believe my earliest Merlin fanart was just from 2011… I’ve certainly been kept busy, and I don’t know if I’ll ever quit! I’d question what I’m doing with my life, but I’m having too much fun! <3

04/29/2014 UPDATE: I’ve added 12 new Colin-inspired artworks! (Still obsessed, yes…) Well, at the rate I’m going, this post is gonna be craaazy looong… Hope you guys enjoy all these big ears! ^^

06/30/2014 UPDATE: Just 2 months and I’ve another 5! Could’ve sworn I had a multiple of 3 to share but learned that I fail at counting… Also included an older piece that should have been added a lot earlier, whoops!

Find full versions in My Art Tag.


How. How is anyone supposed to think Merlin doesn’t love Arthur? Especially after he runs his thumb so gently along the side of Arthur’s face? THAT SECOND GIF, PEOPLE. THAT SECOND FUCKING GIF.

It is my deepest, most heartfelt wish that ten years in the future, when same-sex love is hopefully less taboo in mainstream media, there will be a remake of Merlin that actually has Arthur/Merlin as the primary canonical romance. Or perhaps there can be a modern-day sequel in which Arthur does return to his kingdom in its hour of need, and Merlin, his always-beloved, is waiting for him. And then they make out. While saving the world.


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